Flagpole Repair

Pacific Flagpole Service specializes in the proper repair and maintenance of both residential and commercial flagpoles from 10’ to over 100’ in height regardless of location.

On top of a building or in your front yard, our professional staff has the knowledge and experience to repair your flagpole or banner system and is properly licensed and insured in order to protect our valued customers while working at your business or home.

Call: (858) 692-2555

Flagpole Services:

  • Re-roping or Halyard Replacement
  • Hardware Repair or Replacement
  • Flagpole Painting
  • Flagpole Lighting Repair
  • Flagpole Relocation or Removal
  • Flagpole Foundation Repair
  • Flagpole Straightening*
  • Flag & Banner Installation

*Over time, improperly installed flagpoles may begin to lean to one side and require straightening. We can often return the flagpole to the correct desired vertical position.